Saturday, October 29, 2005

I'd almost forgotten I had this blog. For whatever reason, my web browser stopped working with Blogger for a while, and I left it behind. My thanks to Bill Emory for helping me remember its existence.
I am currently working with Charlottesville Tomorrow as an intern and Advocates for a Sustainable Albemarle Population as a web developer. I'm expecting good things of both in the future.

Much as I enjoyed working in the wine department at Foods of All Nations for a year and a half, I must say that working in my area of interest has made me feel alive again. Exciting things are happening. You can see what I'm working on with Charlottesville Tomorrow on the weblog. It's exciting stuff.

Also, the ideas I discussed in my previous posts remain near and dear to me, and I will get to them. However, at the moment I'm focusing on getting my wine distributing company off the ground and my self into graduate school. Much as I've enjoyed interning with Okerlund Associates, Topia Design, Oliver Kuttner, and Charlottesville Tomorrow, I'm anxious to be able to work on my own two feet, and a Masters in Urban Planning is necessary for that.