Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It isn't as elegant a solution as Wordpress has, but you should be able to get to the Picasa Web Album that stores this blog's images here:

Lyle Solla-Yates

Then hover your mouse pointer over an image and click the little blue play button that appears. That is of course, if you have already added the PicLens extension, which is amazing, and is available in other browsers.

Virtual Gallery Experiment

I am posting some images of my graduate work to see how well Blogger works with the Firefox PicLens plugin, which is amazing.This was a quick Andy Warhol homage I put together from an existing color photo of the Lawn at the University of Virginia. I removed the color information, then added translucent layers of color and cut them to fit the images. Used in the U.Va. School of Architecture photoshop tutorial.
This is an image from the Green Streets plan I worked on for the Ix site with Keyur Shah. This is the northern end facing Monticello Avenue. The concept for this section was to create a strong pedestrian connection to the Charlottesville Downtown Mall, increase tree cover, and store and treat water runoff. This includes a pedestrian island, curb extensions with cuts to allow water inside and plants to treat the water. The tree graphics were recycled from one of Keyur's previous projects. You should be hearing more about Green Streets in the near future.