Thursday, June 22, 2006

Outstanding news from San Francisco. Starting now, all San Franciscans will enjoy universal access to health care. They realized that they were paying so much in emergency care in public hospitals and clinics and additional services for the uninsured, that the city would actually save money by encouraging access to health care.
This is brilliant. Pay close attention to this, Charlottesville, because I would be delighted to pay $3 a month for the health care I currently do not enjoy. And consider what a boost to local affordability this would represent.
Am I correct in believing that Charlottesville would need enabling legislation to do this? Any chance of that in Virginia?


carlos benjamin said...

interesting... i just moved from san francisco, and i have set to feed me specific news about sf as it happens... must have missed that one. anyways, my name is carlos, and i currently reside in london, uk. i cought a few of your posts on the worldchanging "getting to know the reader" posting section. once you mentioned a post at WM+P, i was intrigued: im doing a thesis on how sustainable development will impact our tangible lives (day to day) and pretty much every peice of writing that mcdonough has done, is quoted in my work; cradle to cradle is the epicenter of my inspiration. what is your role within WM+P, might i ask? if your interested, please email and i can post my (current draft of my) thesis online, and / or we can just trade ideas on how to save the world.

cheers, carlos.

justus stewart said...

hi. not a comment, though i like your blog...
just another way of trying to reach you. I'd love to talk planning, or whatever - send me an email sometime.

If you're headed to Virginia, you'll know of Robert Land and the Metro Institute - he's a great guy. I work with Robert Yaro (from RPA) here in Philly - I'm interested in the big stuff, and how it impacts the small stuff.

anyway, talk soon,