Monday, August 11, 2008

Kerberized Printing in Leopard

I'm currently working on getting Kerberos to work with our windows printers on our Mac Leopard machines at my job. No success so far, but I did discover one thing. In the CUPS FAQ, this is written: 

"Note: In order to use Kerberos-authenticated shared printers, you must be running a version of MIT Kerberos with the  krb5_cc_new_unique ( ) function or Heimdal Kerberos."

I wondered what that meant. It means it needs MIT Kerberos 1.6 or higher or Heimdal Kerberos, a different program entirely. Mac Leopard ships with MIT Kerberos 1.6 so something else is creating problems.

Thanks to meantheory for making this a little easier.

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